The Epistle of James Through New Eyes: Wisdom for Dissidents
The Epistle of James Through New Eyes: Wisdom for Dissidents
Athanasius Press

The Epistle of James Through New Eyes: Wisdom for Dissidents

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Ancient Wisdom for Today's Christian Dissidents

In his commentary on the Epistle of James, Jeffrey J. Meyers explodes the idea that James wrote a general epistle with a generalized message to everyone at all times. Instead, Meyers shows how James is addressing Jewish Christian disciples who were tempted to imitate the world in bringing about change through destructive means.

By calling attention to the Hebrew Scriptures and the Beatitudes, Meyers contends that James is cautioning Christian leaders against the seductive lure of revolutionary zealotry to bring about the righteousness of God in the face of intense suffering and persecution. The epistle is, Meyers says, ancient wisdom for today's Christian dissidents.

What Others Are Saying:

Jeff Meyers's commentary on James is a bombshell. He places James firmly in its volatile first-century context, arguing, reasonably enough, that James's warnings about violence and vigilantism are actually warnings about violence and vigilantism. In the process, he shows how this epistle speaks directly to the tumults of our own day. Meyers's commentary is a vade mecum that will help the church stay on the path of steady faithfulness.

-Peter J. Leithart, author and President of Theopolis Institute

God in his providence has provided this commentary on James at exactly the moment the church and our nation need it most. As our public conversations are dominated by those who are slow to hear, swift to speak and immediate to wrath, and as cable news, social media and large segments of the podcast and blog world run on a format of fiery speech, the message of James comes to us as urgent and relevant as it was to the very early apostolic church. 

-Jerry Bowyer, author and editor of Townhall Finance

About the Through New Eyes Bible Commentary Series

Bible-reading is more of an art than a science. The Bible is a story, not a lexicon of systematic theological definitions. With this in mind, the Through New Eyes Bible Commentary Series builds on the foundational Biblical-theology work of James B. Jordan and other like-minded scholars in bringing you a set of commentaries that will help you read, teach and preach through the Bible while picking up on the rich symphonic themes and the literary symbolism of the Scriptures.

Because they are written for thoughtful Christians without being overly academic, these commentaries will serve as valuable resources for family worship, Sunday school or Bible studies.


Pastor Jeffrey J. Meyers has served Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA) in St. Louis, Missouri, since 1994. He has served in the US Army, taught Christian school, and is a graduate of the University of Missouri (BS), Covenant Theological Seminary (MDiv), and Concordia Theological Seminary (STM).

He is the author of The Lord’s Service: The Grace of Covenant Renewal Worship (Canon Press, 2003) and A Table in the Mist: Ecclesiastes Through New Eyes (Athanasius Press, 2006). Jeff and his wife, Chris, have four children and five grandchildren.