I Belong to God: A Catechism for Covenant Children
Athanasius Press

I Belong to God: A Catechism for Covenant Children

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The real heart of catechesis is to form in our children a covenantal identity, a sense of belonging to God and to the church. Our children need to be taught who they are in Christ so they can live faithfully in the church, family, and world. We must train our children in such a way that their whole lives will be a grand Amen to their baptisms.

This handy little book is a great resource for the home, Sunday School, or Christian School.

Topics Included in the catechism:

    • The Triune God

    • Creation

    • Providence

    • Creation of Man

    • Man’s Fall into Sin

    • The Old Covenant

    • The New Covenant

    • The Gospel

    • Eschatology

    • The Church

    • Revelation

    • Liturgy

    • Sacraments

  • Assurance


Rich Lusk is pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church (CREC) in Birmingham, Alabama. He has more than 26 years of pastoral ministry, including service at churches in Monroe, Louisiana and Austin, Texas. He has written a number of position papers, articles, and book contributions, and is a regular conference speaker in various venues.

He is the author of Paedofaith: A Primer on the Mystery of Infant Salvation and a Handbook for Covenant Parents and co-author of Under His Wings: The Gospel According to Ruth (with Uri Brito). He and his wife, Jenny, have four children. Rich has a B.S. from Auburn University and an M.A. from the University of Texas.