Theopolitan Mission


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In Theopolitan Mission, Peter J. Leithart explores the meaning of human “making” and the model of two biblical makers, Noah and Jesus, to identify the church’s mission as the calling of man: to build God’s temple in the world, then to remodel the world after the pattern of the sanctuary.

Jesus is the Carpenter of Nazareth, the new and greater Noah, who builds a living ark from the crooked timber of humanity. Through us, the remade humanity, Jesus fulfills His second task, remaking the creation. Like the first godly maker in Scripture, Jesus builds an ark to preserve the treasure of the old world, which are materials for a new world.

Theopolitan Mission concludes its meditation on making, mis-making, and right-making by attending to the book of Acts, the great missionary narrative of Scripture.

Theopolitan Mission is a companion to Leithart’s Theopolitan Liturgy, part of a meditation on the relationship between liturgy and culture.

The Theopolis Fundamentals Series introduces the Biblical Horizons / Theopolis outlook and agenda to a new generation. The early volumes of the series summarize our convictions about biblical interpretation, liturgical theology and practice, and the church’s cultural and political mission. The Fundamentals will be followed by a collection of Theopolis Explorations volumes that will examine Scripture, liturgy, and culture in more depth and detail.

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