Theopolitan Liturgy


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Christians agree that worship must be biblical, but too many Christians focus on a handful of texts. To understand and do the Christian liturgy, we need to take account of the whole Bible.
In Theopolitan Liturgy, Peter J. Leithart examines the liturgical features of creation. The world is a temple. History is a dialogue with God. Life and society is sacrificial. Time follows a liturgical pattern.
Because creation is inherently liturgical, the liturgy isn’t a retreat from the world. It’s a transformation of the world. Church buildings use space as God designed it to be used, as space for worship. In the liturgy, we are trained to respond rightly to God’s word, and learn the habit of living sacrifice. The church’s calendar Christianizes time, imprinting the gospel on our days and years.
Leithart demonstrates that the liturgy isn’t a retreat from engagement with the world. It is the church’s primary engagement with the world. The liturgy is the initial Christianization of creation.

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