Theopolis Liturgy and Psalter


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The Theopolis Liturgy and Psalter presents a number of liturgical materials used by the Theopolis Institute in Birmingham, Alabama for its courses and fellows programs. Containing materials for a Matins, Sext, and Vespers service, the Theopolis Liturgy and Psalter provides a teaching liturgy to help students develop a taste for liturgical worship.

The Theopolis Liturgy and Psalter also contains a selection of Psalms translated by James B. Jordan with numerous settings arranged by Jordan as well as part of an effort to train God’s people to chant the Psalms, or to sing them in a manner as close as possible to the text God provided.

The Theopolis Liturgy and Psalter is mostly the work of James B. Jordan with an introduction by Theopolis Institute President Peter J. Leithart, a Primer on Liturgy by Jeffrey J. Meyers, and an Introduction to the Psalter by James B. Jordan.

This text is a First Edition.

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