The Vindication of Jesus Christ: A Brief Reader’s Guide to Revelation


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Although the book of Revelation is said to give a blessing to those who read and hear it, it often results in confusion as well.

Revelation is applicable to all times and occasions in the Church, and because of that it has been interpreted as predicting many different events in history. Naturally, these interpretations all contradict each other which leads many believers to decide that efforts to understand it are a waste of time.

In fact, however, Revelation is not all that difficult to interpret. It completes the history begun in the book of Acts, and is closely tied to everything else that is going on in the apostolic age. It deals with the end of the Old Creation and the full arrival of the New, and then looks forward to the final return of Jesus and the bodily resurrection at the end of history.

Dr. Jordan is an expert in Biblical symbolism, and this short reader’s guide is the fruit of a five-year study in the book of Revelation.

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