New Book: ‘Theopolitan Reading’ by Peter J. Leithart; ‘Reading well is an act of discipleship’

New Book: ‘Theopolitan Reading’ by Peter J. Leithart; ‘Reading well is an act of discipleship’

Now available from Theopolis Books is Theopolitan Reading by Peter J. Leithart, the most recent addition to the ongoing Theopolis Fundamentals series.

Theopolitan Reading reminds us that we learn to read because we’re taught by people who can read. We learn to read well because good readers model good reading and guide us as mentors. For Christians reading the Bible, Jesus is the Model reader, and we learn to read well by following His example and submitting to the mentors He gives. Reading well is an act of discipleship.

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Leithart is President of Theopolis Institute and an adjunct Senior Fellow of Theology at New St. Andrews College, Moscow, Idaho.

“When people discover the Bible doesn’t directly and specifically address every question they ask or every dilemma they face, they might decide to dispense with Scripture or at least relegate it to a secondary status,” writes Leithart in Theopolitan Reading. “The Bible gives spiritual direction, but when it comes to real life, we need “wisdom” or “natural law,” not the Bible. The Bible isn’t detailed enough to be practical, and, besides, it’s awfully vague…..Scripture isn’t written mainly to answer my questions or make my decisions. It’s not primarily addressed to my circumstances or dilemmas. It’s addressed to me. Through His Word, God transforms me into a living image of the living Word. He remakes us so we can remake the world according to the pattern of Scripture. He trains our senses to know good and evil….If you submit to what you hear in the Word, it transforms the way you see, the way you take hold of things, your ability to sniff out problems and unexpected solutions, your taste for defeat and delight. Scripture applies to everything because it applies to all of you. It gives you new ears and eyes and hands, a new nose and tongue.”

The Theopolis Institute in Birmingham, Alabama is a community of pastors, theologians, and students devoted to articulating and sharing a vision of the church’s mission to contemporary culture, a vision that centers on biblical theology and liturgical practice.

The Theopolis Fundamentals Series introduces the Biblical Horizons / Theopolis outlook and agenda to a new generation. The early volumes of the series summarize the Theopolis Institute’s convictions about biblical interpretation, liturgical theology and practice, and the church’s cultural and political mission. 

The Fundamentals will be followed by a collection of Theopolis Explorations volumes that will examine Scripture, liturgy, and culture in more depth and detail.

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