Brito discusses Book of Ruth commentary on church podcast

Brito discusses Book of Ruth commentary on church podcast

Pastor Uri Brito, of Providence Church in Pensacola, Florida, recently stopped in West Monroe, Louisiana to speak about his commentary on the Book of Ruth on Church of the Redeemer’s biweekly podcast, Redeemer Talk.

Pastor Uri Brito

Brito co-wrote Ruth Through New Eyes: Under His Wings, published earlier this year by Athanasius Press as part of its Through New Eyes Bible Commentary Series. He co-wrote the commentary with Pastor Rich Lusk, of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

With references to Old Testament gleaning laws and to the concept of the kinsman-redeemer, the small book of Ruth contains numerous hints critical to understanding how Yahweh brings rest to the women in the story and ultimately to His bride, the Church, through Jesus Christ, the Greater Boaz and kinsman-redeemer. In Under His Wings, Pastors Uri Brito and Rich Lusk tease out the nuances of Old and New Testament typology and show how the book of Ruth fits in Yahweh’s redemption of His people, the land and the world. Whether discussing levirate law or the place of grace and good works in relation to Yahweh’s covenant faithfulness, this commentary is sure to bring renewed interest in the study of Ruth for pastors and parishioners alike.

An excerpt from Under His Wings can be found below:

“One of the main purposes of the book of Ruth is to show the people of God their need for a goel and to foreshadow a coming kinsman-redeemer, Jesus Christ, the greater Boaz. What is a kindsman-redeemer? It is a relative (a kinsman) who redeems and rescues another family member in need. The institution presupposes covenantal bonds and solidarity between the one who is in need of redemption and the one who does the redeeming. The redeemer acts on that bond to rescue, deliver, or to liberate his family member, usually at great cost to himself. Thus, the kinsman-redeemer shoes hesed, the deep covenant loyalty that shows up several times in the book of Ruth.”

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