Athanasius Press partners with Theopolis Institute for new book series

Athanasius Press partners with Theopolis Institute for new book series

Athanasius Press is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Theopolis Institute for a new series under the Theopolis Books imprint called the Theopolis Fundamentals Series.

The Theopolis Institute in Birmingham, Alabama is a community of pastors, theologians, and students devoted to articulating and sharing a vision of the church’s mission to contemporary culture, a vision that centers on biblical theology and liturgical practice.

The Theopolis Fundamentals Series introduces the Biblical Horizons / Theopolis outlook and agenda to a new generation. The early volumes of the series summarize the Theopolis Institute’s convictions about biblical interpretation, liturgical theology and practice, and the church’s cultural and political mission.

The Fundamentals will be followed by a collection of Theopolis Explorations volumes that will examine Scripture, liturgy, and culture in more depth and detail.

The first book in the Theopolis Fundamentals series is The Theopolitan Vision, written by Peter J. Leithart. As the modern world crumbles, Christians scramble for answers. The solution is right in front of us—the Christian church, an outpost of the heavenly city among the cities of men. The Theopolitan Vision explains what the church is, and how the Spirit empowers the church’s world-transforming mission through Word and worship, Scripture and liturgy. It shows how the church can be a city of light in a dark age.

Leithart is President of Theopolis Institute and an adjunct Senior Fellow of Theology at New St. Andrews College, Moscow, Idaho. He is ordained in the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC).

“This is the first in a series of books, the ‘Theopolis Fundamentals,’ that lays out the Theopolitan vision in more detail. Future volumes will explore hermeneutics, liturgy, and culture, which are the Theopolis Institute’s three zones of interest,” writes Leithart in The Theopolitan Vision. “I pray that this book, and the series it launches, will be a tool for building Christ’s blessed city, the heavenly Salem, our vision dear of peace and love.”

Athanasius Press titles by Leithart most recently include his two-part commentary on the Gospel of Matthew: Volume One and Volume Two.

Leithart also is the author of Gratitude: An Intellectual History (Baylor, 2014), Traces of the Trinity (Baker, 2015), Delivered from the Elements of the World (IVP, 2016), The End of Protestantism (Baker, 2016) and a Revelation commentary (T&T Clark, 2018). 

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